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Urban Farming.

Edifici ecologici
Giardini urbani interni

We invest and support Policy Makers and planners on urban planning or redevelopment interventions.

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Thanks to specific skills and knowledge of urban farming and urban planning, we operate in cities to make them livable, sustainable, productive: a measure of man.


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Indoor farming is the best way to guarantee food production without affecting a resource  precious like the soil, less and less available, guaranteeing its quality thanks to the application of innovative technologies.


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We aim at the evolution of traditional agriculture by investing in the research and development of innovative and increasingly functional methodologies for the efficiency of resources.


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We believe in the importance and potential of the recovery and redevelopment of abandoned industrial areas; this pushes us to reinvent them making them productive, sustainable and useful for the environment and the community.


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We study new work systems that help optimize and make sustainable agricultural operations that together  to biotechnologies they promise to improve production. They are the basis for the growth of the agricultural system of the future.


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Thanks to our know-how we design and create innovative concepts able to show our design vision.

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Giovanni Ferri


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Marco Boetto


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Caterina Angela Contu


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Giorgia Tomarchio

Urban planner agronomist

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Matteo Galimberti

Project manager

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Matteo Castignani


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Marina Bianchi

Communications Specialist

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